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This new site is dedicated to Lighthouse Keepers Past & Present who have provided for the safety of Mariners around the British isles and the world.

BARLS was founded in 2002 by Steve Bryan G0SGB, after about 11 years looking for a new owner handed over control to Mark Procter G1PIE in April 2013.

Mark Procter G1PIE as new administrator has changed the awards and rules as we move onwards in the 21st century.

BARLS is for its members to enjoy, the awards scheme is simple for members to apply for either by email or good old post.

“BARLS can be enjoyed by young and old, male and female, even the most severely disabled can make friends around the world from their own home”

The society will be run for it’s members so that this fascinating hobby of amateur radio & lighthouses can be enjoyed together.

The award scheme has been updated and activation rules changed, now anyone can activate a Lighthouse / Lightship. But only members can apply for the awards.

Please feel free to look around our new website, and any questions feel free to ask via the contact us button below.

73, de Mark G1PIE Administrator.

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